Maggie created healthy lifestyle habits to lose 10kg thanks to ATP Personal Training

Maggie smaller waist thanks to ATP Personal Training blurred

Maggie went from being a non-exerciser to inspiring her friends to make a change with their own health. She had suffered from a sensitive stomach for years, working with ATP Personal Training coach Anita helped her to redefine her relationship with food and allowed her to finally solve her digestive issues. “When I first started […]

Vinh lost over 15kg and found a level of self-discipline he never knew he had

Skinny fat to muscled at ATP Personal Training blurred

Vinh made an effort to get more active during lockdown and managed to lose some weight as a result. But when the lockdown ended and he was able to live more normally again, he fell back into old habits and regained all the weight he had lost. What was the biggest benefit to working with […]

Nutrition basics for beginners explained by professionals

Planning to be healthy with nutrition

What will you learn from this article (a 15 minute read): The meaning of ‘calories’ and ‘energy balance’ What macros are and why they matter How to factor in alcohol What micronutrients are and in which foods to find them The importance of water The significance of nutrient timing Which supplements should you use Basics […]

ATP Personal training client Jerome lost almost 20kg and 13cm from his waist.

Jerome after 20kg weight loss at ATP Personal Training with Coach Is

Don’t let a lifelong reluctance to exercise get in the way of changing your body and changing your life; it’s never too late to get started! Jerome had started to notice that his body was getting more and more out of shape and so, after walking past ATP Personal Training on his way to work […]

ATP Personal Training client Benoit is still in the best shape of his life 2 years later

Busy father and CFO of a multi-national company Benoit underwent a life changing transformation nearly 2 years ago. He kept his new body at 50+, and he’s managed to further develop his physique making healthy living a lifestyle that takes no effort to keep up. When clients join ATP Personal Training, they usually have a […]

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