About ATP Personal Training


Your Goals, Our Mission

It all starts with your consultation.

We listen, ask questions, and seek to understand your history, current circumstances and future aspirations and together we define and agree clear and realistic goals.

Based on your input, we design and implement a science based holistic approach using three coaching pillars – your personalised D.N.A.™

Daily Routine We audit every part of your lifestyle, we will examine your morning and evening routines, monitor your sleep patterns and observe how you manage and mitigate stress.

We will break your goals down into simple processes that add up to massive changes. You’ll build healthy, sustainable habits that become effortless over time

Nutrition – Healthy eating is an important part of any fitness regime but it does not require you to go to extremes and disrupt your life. We use gradual changes to help you achieve your goals and we will teach you how to fuel your body with the right foods to feel more energised through the day while enabling your body to burn more fat.

Activity – We will gauge your current training capacity with a series of assessments, allowing us to understand precisely how to train you to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. We tailor your plan to change and evolve as you progress and your body adapts. We take great care to ensure your safety and will not rush you to perform exercises or movements that we believe you are not ready for.

We work with you to enable you to make informed choices, provide ongoing feedback both during training in our facility but also outside of ‘gym hours’ and measure performance.

We celebrate successes but  also seek to understand with you when things may not go as planned.

We collaborate across our entire coach community to leverage the experience, knowledge, and qualifications of the entire ATP team to ensure the best outcome for you.

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