What Is Personal Training?

The ATP Personal Training Approach

ATP Personal Training’s mission is to improve the health and confidence of our clients , enabling them to sustain their improved fitness levels far Beyond Transformation™ and lead healthier happier lives as a result. We do not employ ‘Personal Trainers’; instead we have Coaches who are carefully vetted before they start work with us and who undergo rigorous in-house training by our dedicated education team. All ATP Personal Training Coaches work closely with a mentor and their education is ongoing. As a result, what we can offer goes far beyond an hour of training on the gym floor.

ATP Personal Training team in Hong Kong

When you decide to embark upon a personal training journey with ATP Personal Training, you can be confident that you are getting the very best guidance available. We look at your entire lifestyle, from daily routine to long-term goals and break everything down into achievable parts that will allow you to surpass even those goals you were too embarrassed to tell people you had. We follow a system we call your personalised D.N.A.™. Your nutrition is tailored, not only to your needs but also to your lifestyle – if it is important for you to sit and eat a meal with your family you will be able to do so, or if you are always on the go then portable options will be suggested.

Your ATP Personal Training Coach will ensure your safety throughout your transformation. They work closely with clinical professionals to work around any issues that may have prevented you from being as active as you could be in the past and they will pass on the relevant knowledge so that you will be able to sustain your results for the rest of your life. Your ATP Coach is a true partner in your transformation, but don’t let this lull you into a false sense of security; they want the best for you and what’s best is for you to reach your full potential, no matter how hard that might seem at first.

At ATP Personal Training we measure your progress as a matter of principle, whether it’s visual, physical measurements, weight or performance in the gym. We set goals with you along the way to keep you accountable and show you progress to ensure you stay motivated. We see your time with us as an enormous opportunity that both of us should make the absolute most of, leading to our principle of Fast Results, Sustainable Change™.

Personal training can be the best investment you will ever make or it can be a total waste of time, energy and resources.

Personal training, when done well, like at ATP Personal Training, is coaching. When done poorly it’s just instruction.

Personal training at ATP is the most efficient, safe and effective way to get in, or back in shape.

Personal training should change your life for the better.

If you want to experience personal training as it should be, contact us at ATP Personal Training to arrange an initial consultation. Bring all your questions and be prepared for an experience like no other!