ATP Personal Training client Benoit is still in the best shape of his life 2 years later

Busy father and CFO of a multi-national company Benoit underwent a life changing transformation nearly 2 years ago. He kept his new body at 50+, and he’s managed to further develop his physique making healthy living a lifestyle that takes no effort to keep up. When clients join ATP Personal Training, they usually have a […]

One simple tip and an at-home workout to keep you fit, healthy and feeling energized while working from home

At home workout from ATP Personal Training

Although there is no escaping the fact we are in the midst of a pandemic, it is still possible for you to become or stay healthy and fit even without access to your regular gym or normal routine.  In fact, it has never been more important to put your health first (and we don’t mean […]

Maureen lost almost 10kg thanks to 12 weeks at ATP Personal Training

Weight loss for women at ATP Personal Training

Maureen lost almost 10kg and 12% body fat with ATP Personal Training, and learned to love cooking healthy food along the way! Before starting at ATP Personal Training, Maureen had been working out for years, doing both weights and cardio, but she always felt a little intimidated to walk into the free weights section of […]

Are you sure you’re getting enough exercise?

working from home means inactivity which makes you unhealthy

The World Health Organization names physical inactivity as one of the leading risk factors for non-communicable disease mortality.  Those who are not sufficiently physically active run a risk of death some 20-30% higher than those who do enough exercise.  In Singapore, according to the 2018 National Health Survey, over 39% of Singaporeans between the ages […]

Pamela exceeded her expectations

What does Pamella look like after 12 weeks at ATP Personal Training

ATP Personal Training client Pamela exceeded her expectations to lose over 10kg Pamela achieved this result with 6 months of new habits, workouts and healthier eating.  She says that combining healthier choices into her social life means that her newfound body and health will be sustainable indefinitely!. Click here to read Pamela’s full story […]

Hollywood Actor and Producer Byron Mann got into the best shape of his career for his movie: “Hong Kong Love Story”

What does move star Byron look like after 12 weeks at ATP Personal Training

Movie Star Byron Mann came to ATP Personal Training when he wanted to get in the best shape of his career in his 50s. Byron’s friends started noticing a difference in his physique in just a few weeks, even fully clothed.  Changing a few dietary and lifestyle habits made a huge difference to his body […]

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