Maggie created healthy lifestyle habits to lose 10kg thanks to ATP Personal Training

Maggie went from being a non-exerciser to inspiring her friends to make a change with their own health.

She had suffered from a sensitive stomach for years, working with ATP Personal Training coach Anita helped her to redefine her relationship with food and allowed her to finally solve her digestive issues.

Maggie smaller waist thanks to ATP Personal Training

“When I first started to work with ATP Personal Training, these kinds of behaviours seemed like a constraint, but I think it was because it was so different from how I used to eat. Now it works for me as a balanced and sustainable way to maintain the results I worked so hard for.”

This is how Maggie constructed a process that she enjoyed and felt sustainable for her.

Maggie and her coach Anita  used ATP’s D.N.A. formula (Daily routine, Nutrition, Activity)to underpin her transformation.  We asked them how they were able to achieve such a great result.

Daily Routine

1. We coached Maggie into healthy habits.

“We worked on one change at a time: Tracking calories in the beginning. 17/21 meals controlled. Weekday meals planned and week end flexible, understanding nutrition labels, eating real food, getting enough sunlight, no screen time, sleep quality etc.”

Stacking small 1% habits over time can lead to dramatic changes.

2.Maggie prioritised daily sun exposure

Daily Sun exposure has  whole host of benefits: it helps with vitamin d synthesis, boost immunity, lower blood pressure and improve sleep through enhanced melatonin production.


1.Maggie now prepares most of her meals

She had suffered from debilitating digestive issues before working with ATP Coach Anita. Switching to 90% home prepared meals was a big factor in improving her symptoms.

2. Cut down on refined carbs 

Consistently eating refined carbs can lead to hunger, cravings and low energy. Maggie cut back her consumption and improved her cognition, and lowered her inflammation.

3. She took control of the weekends

Maggie worked with her coach Anita to ensure that weekend eating was managed as part of the overall plan, this helped to end an “all or nothing” mindset and created more accountability.


1.Focus on the muscles you can’t see in the mirror

Maggie’s training was focused on the back of her body, in particular the muscle of the glutes and hamstrings- Coach Anita explains:

“To improve her physique and posture  we worked on building strength in her back, glutes, quads and hamstring post ACL injury.”

2. She now enjoys the activity

Outside of the gym the approach was straight forward.  Activity was reframed as an antidote to stress rather than a source of stress.

  • Her average step count increased to 7000-8000 steps each day.
  • She chose  to only perform cardio activities she enjoyed.
  • She completed most activity outdoors to assist with sun exposure.
ATP Personal Training coach and client

 “I have learnt the way to sustain this which feels natural instead of feeling “forced” . This is no longer something I “need” to do but something I choose to do.”

Do you want to overcome nagging health issues and take back control of your health and fitness. Working with one of ATP Personal Training’s expert coaches could give you the kick start you need.

Female client working out at ATP Personal Training