Gonzalo had high expectations coming to ATP Personal Training and he wasn’t disappointed, losing 10kg and packing on muscle.

Gonzalo decided that the time was right so he trusted in his expert coach at ATP Personal Training. His initial consult filled him with confidence that we had the expertise to deliver the results that he wanted.

50+ weight training at ATP Personal Training

"I had been thinking it over for more than a year but with lockdowns and uncertainties from the pandemic, I had postponed the decision for too long. It was just the time.”

The ATP Personal Training difference was the level of commitment from his coach, the daily follow up, the support and the encouragement.

Over the course of 16 weeks he was able to lose an impressive 10kg and packed on muscle to his frame.

Gonzalo before and after ATP Personal Training

" I feel better physically and mentally. My friends are worried that I’m now too slim! My expectations were high, so were my results.”

Gonzalo working out at ATP Personal Training
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