ATP Personal training client Jerome lost almost 20kg and 13cm from his waist.

Don’t let a lifelong reluctance to exercise get in the way of changing your body and changing your life; it’s never too late to get started!

Jerome working out at ATP Personal Training

Jerome had started to notice that his body was getting more and more out of shape and so, after walking past ATP Personal Training on his way to work each morning for many months he finally decided to come in and take back control of his physical condition.  He had no track record of regular exercise and was therefore concerned that he might not be able to keep up with the workouts, but under the guidance of his ATP Coach Iskandar Jerome was able to achieve a massive 20kg loss of body weight and now enjoys being more active in his daily life

1.He took Action.

“Just go for it and don’t look back – you have to be 100% dedicated to the program to get your best results.  I’d recommend ATP to everyone but especially people who have never trained before or who think they don’t like exercise – you will surprise yourself and seeing continued progress is the best motivation you can get.  I highly recommend ATP Personal Training if you are looking for a real change!”

It all starts with taking action, and action leads to motivation. For many clients the first step is the hardest, but once you’ve taken it we’re with you for the rest of the journey.

2. He learned to enjoy the process

“The biggest hurdle for me was the thought of exercising.  I had never enjoyed doing any kind of physical activity before and I was simply not used to pushing my body.  My wife is amazed that now I enjoy being more active; she never thought regular exercise would become part of my routine.”

Let’s face it, you’re never going to stick to something that you don’t enjoy. The good news is that competence breeds enjoyment. If you hate training in the gym then chances are you’ve bee doing it wrong and you’ll enjoy he process a whole lot more once you start to see the returns.

3. He built accountability

“My ATP Coach Iskandar and I built a solid routine with weekly goals, and along with our daily communication and various other tools I was able to see continuous progress, which is the best motivation to keep going.

With the training itself, my coach Iskandar is doing a really fantastic job.  After several decades of sitting with bad posture behind a computer, I knew I needed a specific program tailored to my own body.  I have a painful shoulder that I did not want to make worse, and I was unaware of how to perform exercises safely and correctly. Having the undivided attention of a dedicated and experienced coach makes all the difference! “

Accountability outside of the gym is one of the real drivers of successful transformations and one of the major reasons why personal training can be so powerful.

4. He set clear goals

“For me it was never about building big muscles; it was about improving my body flexibility, waking up muscles I had never used and learning how to train correctly to avoid injuries.  Iskandar adjusts my program to ensure I see progress while at the same time he is helping me gain strength in my back to improve my shoulder condition and my overall posture.

I was surprised by how quickly my body reacted.  I achieved fast progress with weight loss as well as noticing in the mirror that my body looked so much more toned.  I never thought it would happen so fast.”

Knowing why you’re training will bring clarity to the process- it’s important to not only set goals but also measure the progress regularly.

5. He created balance in his diet

“With my diet, it was important for me that I could still enjoy eating meals with my family, and I have been able to do that.  Before, I would eat anything, and I had a strong affinity for cheese and dairy products, so it was challenging at first to practice restraint and portion control.

I am more aware of what my body needs, both in terms of moving it but also how I should treat it with the foods I consume. I feel much healthier, lighter and more mobile.”

Build a lifestyle that you love. To truly make a transformation sustainable it is critical that you establish a new baseline that allows you to eat well without making needless sacrifices.

Are you a complete beginner like Jerome? Get ready to change your body like Jerome did.

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